1 Biddle Way • Mount Laurel, NJ • 08054 • (856) 866-0370
Q : Where are you located and what areas do you serve?
A : I am located in Mount Laurel, New Jersey serving all of New Jersey, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and Northern Delaware. Basically, if you are within a radius of about 1 hour from Philadelphia, you are in my local area. I will travel anywhere, as long as reasonable expenses are covered.

Q : What can we expect to see regarding your style of photography?
A : I combine traditional formal portraits with an abundant quantity of un-posed, spontaneous candids, and a touch of photojournalism. This combination is sure to capture all of the feelings and emotions of your day, and tell a well-rounded story. Every wedding is different and I capture a good sampling of all of the day's activities. Close communication with the wedding coordinator, caterer, and band or DJ allows me to be ready for any surprises. Be sure to discuss your preferences, so we are all on the same page. Just like any fine artist, every photographer has his own unique style. My style is well represented in my sample albums, which you will see when we first meet.

Q : What about having photos taken at other locations?
A : Feel free to use any location you like, such as a park or other picturesque location for some, or all of your photographs. Be certain to allow ample travel time to and from each location. If you are unsure about how suitable a location will be for photographs, call me and I will check the place out ahead of time. Outside lighting conditions can be very different depending on the time of day and whether it is sunny or cloudy, so I will check your location at the same time of day you will be utilizing it. While we don't like to think about inclement weather, be sure to have a suitable place in mind for your formal portraits just in case the weather is not cooperative. Keep in mind that most restaurants and catering establishments may not have a separate room available that is large enough for taking formal photographs, especially photos of family groups and bridal party.

Q : Some of my friends had all of their formal photos taken before the ceremony?
A : This is a great idea! If you choose to see each other before the ceremony, I will make the first moment you see each other all dressed up very special. What is the advantage of doing this? You will be much more relaxed during your ceremony and will remember much more when you are not so anxious. Also, you will be able to enjoy your entire cocktail hour and have more time to spend with your guests. If you prefer to finish your formal photos before the ceremony, here are some guidelines:

Plan to finish the formal photos at least 30 minutes before the ceremony, so you can freshen up. The size of your wedding party and family groups will determine how much time I will need to provide a nice selection of photos. You should start your formal photos no less than two and a half hours before your ceremony, preferably three hours before if you have a large family, or if you want me to create a larger variety of photos. If you choose to do some of your photos at another location, you need to plan for both the time spent photographing as well as travel time to the ceremony.

Q : What about special requests?
A : The usual combinations of immediate family, grandparents, bride and groom, and wedding party will be covered. If you want any other people or groups photographed, such as a special relative, college friends or camp friends, please let me know ahead of time so I can plan accordingly. You can always request photos with any of your guests anytime during the affair as well. I make every possible effort to fulfill all of your requests as time and circumstances allow.

Q : What is the time frame for our preview photos?
A : If you choose to receive a professional preview album, it takes about one week to get it back from the photo lab and ready to deliver. Your photos will also be available on our website for you and your guests to enjoy privately in a password protected area. During the reception, your guests will receive a card with the password to view your photos, but you will get to see them first.

Q : Can you tell us about your equipment?
A : Nikon and Canon professional DSLR cameras, lenses and strobes. Medium format Bronica equipment is available for assignments where film is requested or required. Your individual, family and group portraits, when not taken in an outside setting, will be photographed on location using professional studio lighting. Portable, high-powered Photogenic studio lighting and Halo soft box diffusers are used for formal photos when appropriate. Large umbrellas and/or soft boxes diffuse the light and provide a soft, flattering look for your formal portraits. Hand-painted canvas or muslin backgrounds are always on hand for use as needed.

Q : Do we need to know anything else?
A : Yes, have a great time and enjoy your day to the fullest! Let the professionals that you have taken the time to research and hire handle everything for you.